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Subwoofer Velodyne Digital Drive PLUS 10+

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Subwoofer Velodyne Digital Drive PLUS 10+
Fabricante: Velodyne - (• Ver todos os produtos da marca Velodyne )
Digital Drive PLUS 10 Inch Servo Controlled Subwoofer

The industry benchmark in low-distortion bass for medium-sized listening rooms or any home theater, with less than .5% distortion at or below 20Hz. The Digital DrivePLUS 10 has a huge 1250 Watts RMS, 3000 Watts Dynamic power amplifier, and a High Gloss Ebony Veneer finish. Accessories include: Remote Control, Digital DrivePLUS Accessory Kit, Video Cable.

The 10 inch Digital DrivePLUS subwoofer produces awe-inspiring, hard-hitting bass supported by Velodyne's exclusive patented accelerometer based High Gain Servo System to whittle distortion down to .5%. Its cutting-edge, highly sophisticated, 8-band Auto-EQPLUS technology assures not just low distortion but the most accurate bass available from any subwoofer available in the market today. And if you prefer, you can calibrate the subwoofer’s response with the 8 band parametric equalizer manually with its on-screen graphics, or computer readout using the front mounted USB port. You can even adjust the degree of control by the digital servo. The DD-10+ perfectly meshes audio engineering with the art of design to deliver a frequency response between 18.7 and 120 Hz, with a huge 1250 Watts RMS, 3000 Watts Dynamic, power amplifier, reproducing even the most challenging audio for applications from music to home theater to gaming. The DD-10+ deftly fills medium-sized rooms (2000-3500 cu. ft.) with incredibly accurate bass, perfectly optimized by the 8-band Auto-EQPLUS equalizer feature and remote-controlled presets to ensure you get the most out of your new audio equipment.

If you refuse to compromise on performance and want to electrify your audio media in a medium-sized listening space, the DD-10+ is for you.


Patented accelerometer based High Gain Servo System
The industry's lowest distortion bass—under .5%
One-Touch Auto-EQPLUS automates the seamless blend of subwoofer, system and room
Use your PC for manual adjustments and real time feedback of your bass performance
Sophisticated cone design for fast, accurate motion
Six-layer, custom wound voice coil assures better heat dissipation
Massive motor structure for amazing low-frequency energy

• Length No
• Accessories Remote Control, Digital Drive Plus Accessory Kit, Video Cable
• Amplifier 3000 watts Dynamic, 1250 watts RMS Power
• Auto On/Off Yes
• Cabinet Design Sealed servo enclosure
• Dimensions: (H/W/D) 14.2" x 13" x 16.6"
• Frequency Response (+/-3 dB) 18.7 - 120 Hz
• HiPass Crossover 80 or 100 Hz at 6 dB/octave
• LoPass Crossover 40 Hz to 199 Hz (variable in 1 Hz increments) selectable slope Default: 80 Hz @ 24 dB/Octave
• Phase Control 0, 180 Degrees
• Removable Grille Yes
• Shipping Weight 77 lbs. (35 kg)
• Size No
• Voice Coil Six-layer, 65mm
• Warranty (N. Am.) Two years (electronics & drivers - parts & labor)
Preço: R$ 14.980,00

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